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Cooperative Crowdfunding The Story

About Cooperative Crowdfunding

Cooperative Crowdfunding is quite simply the most rewarding crowdfunding platform available today and world’s first cooperative crowdfunding system.

In Cooperative Crowdfunding each donation can fund more than a dozen campaigns, whereas with traditional crowdfunding platforms donations only fund one campaign.

When a donation is made 25% goes to the chosen campaign and the other 75% can be spread out over many other worthy causes in a cooperative and organized manner.

This means as word spreads about your campaign, you may receive donations from hundreds or even thousands of donors globally, even donors you don’t know!

Cooperative Crowdfunding isa global fundraising movement designed to help individuals, businesses and charities legally and cooperatively raise funds for virtually any endeavour.


Since the beginning of time Donating has been a meaningful endeavor,however, in today’s tough economic times donating has become a struggle – do I pay my phone bill or support my cause – we have removed the stress and now you can do both and more.


Because we ALL win!